TCMO and the Power of NLP…..

The pace of life and business is increasing. In the race for market share, most companies have to be highly flexible and adaptable in order to succeed. The workforce must therefore be highly flexible and adaptable too. People need to be able to learn new skills efficiently, manage change enthusiastically and constantly seek out new sources of competitive advantage.

The Career Management Organisation (TCMO) has recognised the real power and essential business requirement of effective NLP profiling, and as such, have introduced a new service.

NLP is an alternative and refreshing way, using tried and tested methodologies, to offer training principally, but not restricted to areas such as communication, conflict, motivation, challenges, improving Sales, and time management.

TCMO’s new NLP profiling service is now being used as part of their career management & transition programmes for both individuals and business using outplacement services and have chosen to partner with ‘NLP Highland’ to provide this profiling.

‘NLP Highland’ offers tailored training solutions to match customer requirements and address the sometimes complex people issues.  Noticeable benefits are applicable immediately to work place situations, improving productivity and workplace morale, preventing absenteeism and ensuring retention.

NLP can be applied to work-out effective communication strategies for different individuals and groups. Using NLP models and questioning systems, TCMO’s NLP profiling can discover how others construct their world and how best to structure communications (of whatever kind) to achieve the desired goal.  NLP provides skills, tools and techniques to add to your “Manager’s Toolbox” and enables you to become the “Ultimate Manager”.

For more information about how these services could benefit you or your business call Rob Moore at TCMO on 0800 0093141 or visit


Rob Moore started his career in the hospitality industry, working both in the UK and in the Middle East, before moving into recruitment. Identifying the gap in the market between large, impersonal career management companies and self-employed personal coaches, he founded TCMO in 2009.

As the Managing Director, he leads the business from the front – not only providing strategic direction and leadership, but also providing professional coaching services for individuals while working with our corporate clients.