Outplacement Solutions

In today’s ever changing business environment the need for tailor made and continually flexible outplacement solutions is now essential for most genuine people centric organisations.

Our experience has given us proof that a one size fits all service, previously chosen by a lot of Insider 500 and FTSE 250 companies has had its day.

Although a consistent and results driven approach is still key the necessity to provide an ‘a la carte’ menu of cost effective outplacement solutions leads the way.

At TCMO we provide these solutions by quickly evaluating the needs, numbers and experiences of displaced teams and offering not just one but up to 8 different options for that one business.

These different options can vary from 1 hour reviews to full career transition programmes with a lifetime career guarantee.

A break with tradition is required with these options, not just the usual ‘off the shelf’ quick fix and the style is not decided by salary level or job title, these outplacement solutions are provided on a individual needs basis in partnership with HR.

These options within our outplacement solutions services have generated real results and often eradicate the negativity felt by some teams during restructuring and in some cases we have seen ex employees return after a period of time gaining experience elsewhere.