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What our individual clients say about us…..

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Before you decide to engage any of services you will be given the opportunity to speak directly to TCMO clients who have used our services and who are happy to answer any questions you have about our successful programmes. We have added a number of  recent Testimonials below and more can be provided on request.

 “From initial contact through to follow-up once I had secured a new position the support and guidance was first class. The structured yet flexible approach which the programs offer is excellent and having the support and impartial yet professional team of experts guiding at times of career change is fantastic. TCMO helped me to look objectively at situations and focus my search. If you are at a cross roads I would absolutely recommend you to contact the team. Special thanks to Rob and Fiona.” Lynn Anderson

 “I can thoroughly recommend TCMO and their services. From the very beginning of the process (discovering what I wanted to achieve in my hunt for a new career) to the very end, they are with you every step of the way. They provided me with all the tools one could wish for, and lots of confidence boosting advice along the way too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the work of Fiona, Rob, Sarah and the rest of the guys in the office if, like me, you are looking for a new challenge in your career!” Fraser Gilmour

 “I am more than happy to recommend TMCO’s services to anyone looking to change their career path, from revision of CV to securing interviews i found their help invaluable”. Many thanks to the team. Dyke McKenzie

 “I am delighted to recommend TCMO’s services. Be it advice, seeking new challenges or in times of unexpected turns in ones career, one can fully rely on the team for thorough, bespoke and proactive support. I can highly recommend the services to anyone who is looking for well structured and strategic career support. Thanks!” Josi Mather

“I was lucky enough to receive support from TCMO when I was made redundant. I found this support to be invaluable. What a fantastic organisation wholly set up to help people in my position find the right career path and to get back on track. Every step of the way I knew there would be someone on hand (either face to face or over the phone) to offer support, encouragement, advice and experience during this daunting situation. I would highly recommend TCMO to any individual or organisation.” Lynsey Graham

“Rob has proved invaluable in assisting with making a change in career direction. He put in place the framework to help me to decide what I wanted to do and to understand the reasons. This was followed by help in marketing myself in the job market and how to access the so-called “hidden” job market.” Hamish Sutherland

“Rob, and the TCMO team, are brilliant. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of career management and development, and couple that with a calm assured style. He manages the process as if you are the only person he is working with, and effortlessly puts you at ease. Above all he and the team get results. Now I’m off to my new job. Thanks Rob - Richard Watson

“I found TCMO and Rob excellent to work with. He is very proactive and supportive. The coaching I received in advance of interviews was invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to my associates” – Catherine Jeffrey

“I highly recommend TCMO and Rob in particular. He and his staff have coached me through the whole recruitment process. His expertise, advice, support and encouragement was very much appreciated and helped put me to ease in a very competitive marketplace for job seekers. The assistance in tailoring my CV and cover letters was invaluable.” Gary Paton

“Rob was instrumental in providing coaching, support and encouragement during my search for a new role. It was of real value to me to have Rob’s help in recognising my own strengths and ensuring that I represented my skills and abilities to prospective employers in the best way possible.” David Drummond

“I joined TCMO at an all-time career and self-esteem low.  I immigrated to Scotland just as the recession hit. Getting into the job market was not easy and I took the first job I could find. Although the job aligned to my skills it was a diversion from a career path that I ultimately wanted to follow. After 2 years and a lot of soul searching I resigned with nothing to go to.  Through contacts I managed to secure a contract role. This role was instrumental in rebuilding my confidence and reputation as someone who could deliver. Like all contracts, they do come to an end and after two extensions and a year later, the project ended in November (the worst time for contracting as companies seldom recruit over December) and I was back looking for the next role. I spent every day searching the Internet and posting CV’s for roles (contract and permanent). I was inundated with calls from recruiters and short-listed for many roles but none that led to an interview.It took me six months to secure my next 3 month contract and the fear of having to go through all that again in 3 months’ time caused an enormous amount of stress.  It was then that I took up TCMO’s offer to work with me to secure the next role.  

I started working with Sandy Cullen. We discussed my ideal role and we worked on my CV, covering letters and most importantly my self-esteem in the hope of securing that ideal role.   Within two months I managed to secure an interview and a few weeks later an offer. I now have my ideal job and it is up to me to make the best of this opportunity. Although TCMO’s job is done, Sandy still calls to check in on me. I signed up for the lifetime partnership and I know that is exactly what I will get.  Thank you to the TCMO team for all your help and support and a special thank you to Sandy for guiding me through a very difficult time in my career”  Lindi Smith

“TCMO (The Career Management Organisation) is amazing.  They have process, they have breadth of people and are able to work through various emotions and cut to the heart of the matter.  Fully able to adapt to my ‘non mainstream’ career path. They have well documented method, that has flexibility, but is far from fuzzy counselling. This is really action-driven, results-focused using great process skill to deliver.” S Fuller

“Colin, TCMO and I worked together when I was looking for a new position in the early part of 2012.
For me, what marked Colin out from the outset, was that he was passionate in understanding my motives for moving, my aspirations and what I valued in my career. This allowed him to provide a very tailored and personable service- not only in career advice but also in sound coaching in interview and presentation skills.
My career ambitions led me to seek a position out with my industry not least I wanted to work with companies who don’t naturally demand my skill set. Colin rose to the challenge admirably: principally by focusing on my successes and providing fairly intensive coaching sessions around how to present these in CV and interview. All of this with very motivational yet easy going manner and sense of humour to boot!
The proof, as they say, is in the eating- after 8 weeks working with Colin I landed my ideal job in my desired industry. Colin coached me though all the interviews, presentations and CV work and I genuinely consider if it wasn’t for his expert guidance, passion and belief, I wouldn’t have got the role. Deservedly recommended!”  

“When I was made redundant I was approached by a few ‘career management’ companies, but TCMO were the people that made me feel most comfortable. I wasn’t pressurised in anyway, the service felt really personal and tailored to my needs. They helped me look at my past career, and myself, to identify my real strengths and review where my future might lie. They showed me how to make the most of networking opportunities and appreciate what I had to offer to prospective employers. After some really hard work with Rob I had a really good CV which produced the goods because I’m now in a much better role than before with a substantial salary increase. TCMO have helped increased my confidence and raise my game when I most needed to. And they are still there to support me if I need them” J Trousdale

As a leadership development professional in the NHS, I have coached many people through a career transition, including preparing them for the “dreaded” interview.  As my own transition loomed, I recognised that I hadn’t personally experienced an interview process for a number of years – eek!  For me, preparing by myself and rehearsing with my partner, family and friends only works to a point.  The bespoke 1:1 support that the guys at TCMO provided was exactly what I needed to push to me to the next level.  They created a safe and supportive environment, enabling me to articulate and deal with my fears and anxieties and reflect and focus on my personal strengths and achievements.  Through the interview simulations, I received honest and invaluable feedback as well as practical tips to help build my skills and confidence.  I demonstrably improved my performance over the couple of sessions and ended up getting the new job i wanted!  Thanks to TCMO for their professional and practical support, and to my previous organisation, NHS Health Scotland, for being an exemplar employer and providing the opportunity. 2012 Gavin Speers

“Cannot recommend Rob and the TCMO team enough! Great to work with, fun but professional in usually a stressful time in ones life! Mentoring, coaching,bringing new ideas and concepts to think around and develop with regarding accepting ownership of career path and options. Total Career Management. Give them a try!”  Bryan Donald

“I had the benefit to be mentored by Colin at TCMO when searching for new employment on my departure from the Royal Navy. During which time Colin guided by through a challenging self assessment programme that significantly enhance my CV and job prospects. His experience and knowledge of the hidden job market was invaluable, providing me the necessary tools to identify potential employers and employment opportunities. His professionalism and commitment is without question and was a major factor that enabled me to secure new employment quicker than expected. Colin was always at hand to provide advice and give direction especially in times of frustration and confusion. Highly recommended.”  Colin McGinty

“I highly recommend TCMO they are a great team of people to work with but in particular Rob Moore who is my Career Manager has been fantastic. I immediately felt at ease in his company and developed a strong rapport with him. His expertise, knowledge, support and encouragement were very much appreciated throughout the journey of searching for a new career challenge. I was at a crossroads in my career and was looking for a new and different challenge. Rob kept me focussed on my objectives and gave me a very logical and practical approach to achieving this whilst keeping me calm and grounded, he provided support at each step of the journey. In June I am due to start a new role in a different organisation and have a lot to thank Rob for to enable me to acheive this. I strongly recommend contacting TCMO to assign them to support you achieving your goals!”  Yvonne Crabbe

“I was fortunate to deal with The Career Management Organization and Stephanie Williamson when searching for new employment on my departure from the Royal Navy. Stephanie is exceptionally courteous and made making my career transition more comfortable than initially expected. She was always available to answer the most complicated or insignificant questions and help put you at ease. The support and encouragement she provided made my job searching experience less problematical and successful. Stephanie in her role as Client Services at TCMO played a major role in assisting me to secure my new position of employment. I can confidently recommend Stephanie.” Colin McGinty

“I had not had to look for a job in over 30 years so when I knew that I was being made redundant I engaged to services of TCMO to support and help me through the transition. The whole process was tailored to what I needed and the approach was very interesting and to engage fully you needed to think and ask yourself lots of questions. I would and have recommended the service and support they provide. Rob was my mentor and coach through the process and I cannot speak highly enough about him.” Chris Wiltcher  


What our corporate clients say about us…….

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

TCMO work across the public and private sector and have delivered bespoke career transition services

Since starting our corporate services we have established a reputation for excellence in providing coaching and group support to

- Public Sector organisations including Health, Education, Charities, Local and Central Government at all levels

- SME’s  to stock listed global private sector businesses

Our services are particularly relevant to groups and individuals who are planning for, going through or been affected by any form of career transition, whether internal or external. Many managers and HR specialists are pleasantly surprised at the benefits our cost-effective solutions provide for both their organisations and the individuals affected.

As organisations are undergoing unprecedented levels of change, our services can help smooth the path to enable you and your people towards a positive future

Examples and case studies have already been developed whilst tailored around:-


Executive Career Management

Voluntary Severance

Recruitment, Selection and Retention

Compromise / Settlement Situations

Creating and Developing People Values

Outplacement Support

Competency Frameworks

Scottish Water Career Transition – Case Study

Scottish Water has been undergoing continuous change requiring the organisation to handle situations where specific jobs cease to exist.

To support the affected employees, the organisation created an Employee Support Programme where they could be provided with advice and support on potential internal and external opportunities.

As part of this an external provider of Career Transition Services was sought to partner with Scottish Water to deliver initial one-to-one support, a review session after a period of time and an outplacement programme if the employee leaves.

TCMO was chosen to provide this support from November 2010 as Scottish Water managers decided we could offer a personal service to the wide variety of affected employees rather than a process that did not allow for individual needs.

In addition TCMO is providing outplacement support for employees leaving under a direct voluntary redundancy agreement.

TCMO has been credited with a highly personal approach whether individuals seek redeployment, a new external job or are keen to enter self-employment.

TCMO’s experienced consultants have provided a combination of short review meetings, 1 day one to one career coaching and effective ongoing career support across all departments and geographical locations.  All of our clients have clear goals and objectives and achieve them via action plans developed jointly with their TCMO consultant. To date, nearly all employees seen by TCMO have found a new role, either internally or externally.

Each of these services has been tailor made, reviewed and back up with proven industry advice and real time employment market advice

Janette Brophy as manager of the relationship with TCMO has expressed her delight at the level of service, results and added value advice that the relationship with the TCMO team has delivered.

NHS Lanarkshire  - Staff Development through Change Case Study

Along with other NHS Boards, NHS Lanarkshire is experiencing a continuous cycle of change as services are re-designed to meet the changing requirements of stakeholders. The changes being implemented are significant with a considerable number of individuals, at all levels, being affected as their current positions cease to exist and new ones develop.

Staff affected are placed on a redeployment register with a redeployment panel meeting weekly to review current staff on the redeployment register and their suitability to be matched to current vacancies. NHS Lanarkshire has a good reputation for supporting staff through change and the redeployment panel has had good success in matching individuals to posts. However, it is recognised that many individuals affected by change find this extremely challenging as they may be required to re-think their careers or jobs in line with the new reality. This then raises the question for both staff and the organisation in terms of self-confidence; motivation; skills identification and refreshment; becoming pro-active in career development; and individuals attitudes towards their employer.

NHS Lanarkshire appointed TCMO to design and deliver a programme of support for some 60 current members of the redeployment pool, with the intention of taking over delivery in the future. Following an initial brief and review, TCMO worked in partnership with members of the Organisational Development Team to develop a programme of support combining individual coaching sessions with a workshop on Career Management.

Combining the skills of two consultants, the workshop addressed the confidence and communication abilities of participants then provided practical support on completing application forms in a more evidence-based manner; interview skills; proactivity in the search for new positions and developing an Action Plan for their personal career goals and objectives.    Pre and post workshop career coaching with individuals to confidentially discuss those areas of particular interest to them, so enabling them to gain skills and confidence in specific actions they were taking to identify and gain new positions.

The handover to NHS Lanarkshire included developing the knowledge of the team in Career Management and Transactional Analysis to enable them to successfully train and coach new people entering the redeployment pool.


OKI Outplacement Case Study

OKI is a global manufacturer of printers and was affected by the global turndown in business following the recession of 2009/10.  The company decided to reduce its cost base by means of a restructure that involves a significant number of redundancies across a number of countries. In the UK, employees in Cumbernauld, Egham and Staines were all affected. This decision was not undertaken lightly, as OKI continually seeks to be a good employer and has strong employment values. The company therefore sought to treat affected employees with respect, and appointed TCMO to provide Career Transition support to enable them to progress positively to new positions, and to show existing employees that it is a caring employer.

In partnership with the HR team from OKI, TCMO initially briefed the affected Cumbernauld employees to explain how the support would be provided, emphasising the importance of them taking ownership of the time they had on workshops and in one-to-ones with their consultants.

Depending on the level of support and the numbers, a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions were run over a period of 4 months, and the response to these was reported back to OKI in regular review conversations.

The HR Team, led by Diarmid McBride, held a final review meeting and expressed satisfaction with all areas of the project. They were particularly happy with the way the TCMO team took care of all the processes, arranging meetings etc as this reduced the pressure on them during a very busy and sensitive time.

They also valued the initial one-to-one meeting held with candidates as a great ice-breaker and the way consultants were flexible in changing their delivery content to meet the needs of specific groups of employees.

Good, clear communication was provided during the project to ensure transparency (including invoicing) so that the project was effective for both OKI and their employees, efficient in terms of time and budgets, and a positive relationship developed between all the people involved.

What’s your Plan B?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

As the number of unemployed is slowly falling, things are looking up.   But it is always good to have a plan B.  If your Career has taken some turns you weren’t expecting, or you could really do with a change, consider finding out more about what TCMO can offer.  We provide tailored coaching and career support for professional individuals who are ready to take control of their careers.  Contact Marie on 0131 201 0182 for more information.

The Worlds Toughest Job

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Funny or not…check it out and let us now.

I think they need some TCMO Career Management help………


CIPD Scotland has a great season of events coming up

Monday, April 14th, 2014

A great new season of CIPD events across Scotland

Looking forward to seeing you there….


Accenture to create jobs in Scotland

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Great news for the Scottish job market.  US Technology company Accenture are to create 2,000 new jobs in the UK in 2014, including Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Olly Benzecry, Accenture’s country managing director in the UK & Ireland, said: “We are searching for highly motivated, skilled individuals who share our passion for how major UK businesses can transform themselves by harnessing the power of technology – particularly emerging digital technologies – to drive business strategy.

“These roles will offer unparalleled opportunities in an environment that supports the professional growth of our employees and enhances their ability to deliver high performance to our clients.”


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