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Career Coaching for the Technophobe

Friday, November 25th, 2011

We’ve all been there!

Remember saying it’ll never catch on, it’s too complicated, it doesn’t work for me???

Mention these points today and you will usually get the answers “it did”, “it’s not” and “it does”! and they could be quite right…….however…….there is hope in the career coaching sector for the technophobe.

One definition of a technophobe is “one who is threatened or scared of technology” it could be just a fear of the unknown of a simply good level of ignorance. Career Coaching should never be fully technology led as it is a very personal experience that is best shared!
So how do we strike a good balance and encourage technophobes to embark on some effective career coaching?

Firstly you need to assess your learning style, think of the coaching you’ve have received before (business or leisure), what environment was it in, who did it and what results did you get?

Then think how the key points were communicated to you, written, verbal, face to face on the phone? By now you will know what enjoyed most and what got the best results for you.

Apply this logic when you are seeking a career coach, ask friends family, colleagues and your HR department , citizens advice, local libraries, careers centres and the job centre will all help pint you in the right direction .

When you meet / talk to your career coach tell them your learning style, how you don’t want technology playing a big part and what coaching you have received before that has worked well for you.

Taking all this into account you should now be able to get cracking with some good quality activity based career coaching with milestones and activity plans to complete between sessions.

If you are serious about your career my top tips for not techie career seekers are

1) Always seek face to face coaching with activity based actions
2) Networking works – research and attend conferences / events / business functions where decision makers will be
3) Don’t be shy of an approach by letter! Its stands out from a crowd
4) Aim to meet recruiters- ask for meetings
5) Plan to start using technology before it leaves you behind! Job boards and social media do work

Good luck and feel free to call us at TCMO 0131 201 0181 for some tech free, straight forward career coaching that genuinely gets results.

Six Best Practice Facts of an Outplacement Company

Friday, November 25th, 2011

New Year – New career. With the year 2012 on the horizon, many individuals face the reality of a new year with a new career. With unemployment on the up, and many more redundancies forecast, now is the time to prepare for such an eventuality by assessing what the market place has to offer in the way of the best providers of Outplacement Services. This is where you must analyse what these companies can offer but more importantly what you need to succeed in your job search. To start the process, there are 6 key areas to be addressed before you select a suitable provider.

Accreditation: Make sure that the Outplacement Company has a Code of Practice and, like The Career Management Organisation Ltd, (TCMO) is a member of a recognised professional body such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Transparency: All reputable Outplacement Companies will offer a free, no obligation consultation prior to any commitment on your behalf. Take the opportunity to find out if they can meet your specific needs and if necessary ask for a follow up, free meeting to be re-assured.

People : Outplacement and Career Management is all about people. You must have the trust and belief in an individual or a team to deliver on your behalf. So before you commit, ask to meet the consultant or associate you will work with during the process. TCMO will not only invite you to meet their team, an invitation to see the operation is also included.

Technology : Compare the on-line offerings before you go-ahead. Are they relevant to you, accessible 24/7, or are there restrictions. Also, make sure that technology does not replace the human element. If it does, think carefully.

Services: What precisely does the Outplacement Company offer you? Having taken advantage of the free consultation, does there proposal (in writing) match your expectations. There proposal should represent “an investment in your career”. It should be tailored to you as an individual and not an “off the shelf” programme applicable to all and sundry.

Cost: How much do you want to invest in your career ? If your company is paying for the service, you may have little choice, but if you are funding the process, make sure that you get value for money. Also, insist on a cooling off period similar to that offered by TCMO. In addition, do they offer payment terms to suit your budget and your current financial circumstances? This will give you peace of mind should the initial investment be substantial.

Always take the opportunity to compare like for like, however, I would suggest that people are the key to best practice. When you leave your free consultation ask yourself this question : Did you feel that the consultant(s) had a “passion” for what they offered

Career Coaching 2012 and Beyond

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Career Coaching and its many derivates have been around in practical terms since the 1500’s, during that period ‘Guilds’ and ‘Livery’ companies (today’s trade associations) were setting the career standards, pace of progression and qualifications within 100’s of professions and trades………this to me was the start of the idea of not just having a job but having a career and managing it in organised way.

Politics, Invention, Social Pressures and Technology have impacted on the art of effective career coaching and its form and effectiveness has changed regularly since

In principle and according to Wikipedia! Career Coaching / Management is:

  1. Development of overall goals and objectives
  2. Development of a strategy (a general means to accomplish the selected goals/objectives),
  3. Development of the specific means (policies, rules, procedures and activities) to implement the strategy, and
  4. Systematic evaluation of the progress toward the achievement of the selected goals/objectives to modify the strategy, if necessary.

Over the past few years the type of person who uses career coaching services has changed dramatically and the discussion about careers with friends & colleagues is less taboo, for some previously in could be seen as a sign of weakness or desire to leave a business!

Career coaching is no longer only for the high earners, services and results led programs are available for every salary level and discipline.

History always repeats itself so 2012 will be a year of change in career coaching

So, how will it change?

Style of Delivery – there has been a natural technology lean over the last 5 years where the trend to deliver online has increased, I believe this has always given the user a disadvantage as most career deciding & defining moments happen face to face – you will see over the next 12 months consumer demand will rise for face to face career coaching so the training scenario fully matches ‘real life’ situations

Pricing – Online options will always be cheaper and /or free but savvy consumers (no matter how small their budget) will always seek value for money and in the right professional career management environment will be able to see in advance how it will add value to their career, the price of face to face coaching will fall in 2012 – through competitive demand and also the realization of career managers that their services (like many) are not worth to consumers what they used to be.

Social Media – W ill continue to have an impact on how people progress their career but it still won’t help them learn, plan and deliver effective career management activity, during 2012 I see mature career focused people looking more to the traditional networking as a way of getting ahead of the game and senior professionals realizing that social media will help their careers progress and help them deliver business results

Survivors not just Leavers – For most career coaches the last 3 years have been dominated by people leaving businesses not employees looking to progress. This will change in 2012 as ‘survivors’ in businesses seek to gain promotion in their leaner teams and businesses.

Point proven by the ONS data in November 2011 that said “ A 13 year low – The number of people leaving their primary occupation between April and June this year was 674,000, or around 2.4% of the UK workforce, a drop of 42% from the peak of 1.17m in 1998, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

Tailored Services – Off the shelf programs for most are impersonal and don’t make the consumer feel valued, the career coaching industry has been guilty of this. In 2012 this will change and although brand standards and core programs that deliver results will be the backbone of success. In 2012 the way they are adapted to individual needs will be the defining selling point.

2012 for Career Managers and those seeking Career coaching will define the industry for a number of years to come, if the economy is virtually stagnant, as predicted, innovation will need to win the day.

TCMO can provide you with these services and our straightforward approach has benefited many, we like to be challenged, so please feel free to get in touch with me to see how our services can match up to your 2012 career management expectations

So, you’ve been made redundant; what next? – Take some Career Advice

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Redundancy is never a pleasant process to go through at any time in your career. Whether it’s voluntary or compulsory, it’s a very unsettling and stressful period. We hear the negative news that goes along with redundancy every day so when you couple this with the constant reports on rising unemployment figures, it is important you know your rights and start to plan for your next career move.

My first piece of advice to give to any individual facing redundancy is to seek career advice on every level. I would suggest this starts with your line manager as you need to know the full process. How much notice have they given you, what will be your hours or work for your remaining time with your employer, do you qualify for any redundancy packages, what about any pensions or benefits and will they provide you with any support in finding your next position? Don’t ever be embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking these questions, you need to be clear on your timescales and income as this will have an impact on every other aspect of your life.

Next step is to seek advice on your financial affairs and this could be with a financial adviser or your partner, family or friend. Take the time to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write down all of your monthly expenses. This should include everything from your mortgage to the cost of a pint down your local pub. Be completely honest and don’t leave a anything out as you need to know the minimum income you will need per month.

In my opinion, the most important advice to seek when facing redundancy is career advice. This will come from everyone in your life but I urge you to shop around and seek professional career advice. The Career Management Organisation is a Scottish based company operating across the UK, who specialise in helping individuals through redundancy and successfully guide them through a journey to success. They take the time to get to know, your current situation and what you’re looking for in your next career move.

They give you all of the advice and support you need throughout your job search and even take care of the hard work we all dread like drafting your new CV and Cover Letter. They understand the pressures both emotionally and financially throughout this period in your life so assign a dedicated team to work with you to secure the short term job to keep income coming in whilst you work with them to achieve the long term career goals. To arrange a free consultation to find out how they can help you.

Redundancy need not be the most difficult period in your life, with the relevant career advice and support you can use this as the opportunity to achieve the future you have always wanted.

Career Coaching For Teenagers

Monday, November 7th, 2011

If you are looking for good quality advice on career coaching for teenagers read on…. you could be a teenagers yourself looking to get a step ahead of your parents, friends or teachers! Or you may be a forward thinking parent seeking real life advice….

This quick read should enable you to talk about what it is, why do it, where to find it and how to make it a success.

Why seek out Career Coaching?

Whether it’s for you or someone else you have to buy into it before you start.

It will give the ‘base camp’ for flexible ideas for what you can do, when you do it and how you get there, it doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 18 .. a good plan still works.

Career Coaching can be found in schools or colleges and through friends and colleagues, the best advice will always come from an independent source and don’t be shy, seek out professional help, it may cost but you can always discuss your needs with a potential service provider before you commit, remember a small investment now will repay itself many times over throughout your career.

So, what is it?

Career Coaching should be a set of theoretical advice and practical activities that give the user the knowledge and motivation to plan their short and medium term career future

It should be guided using attitude, personality and interests, not just on academic or technical ability. Be realistic and don’t throw in too many social, economic or geographical boundaries… they are enough hurdles out there already.

How can you measure success in career coaching for teenagers?

In many ways short term, you will see their level of motivation rise in the direction of study or hobby this will then give them a more informed view of a direction. Their appetite for working part time or voluntarily will increase as will their communication skills with advisors.

Longer term you will see longevity in roles and quicker promotion in responsibility as well or job title.

To conclude:-

Professional career coaching will have a long term impact on a teenager’s ability to plan ahead and get a great career. In needn’t be along programme of training, short, punchy and fun works and as we mentioned earlier a small investment will get a return.
Talk to us at TCMO and as ever ‘google’ it, we’d like to think our guidance is honest and real life

How to get the best Deal from your Outplacement Company

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Outplacement support is usually provided as a result of an employee leaving their job through redundancy, compromise agreement or some other agreed parting of the ways. This support is extremely valuable at a time when the employee is somewhat vulnerable, especially when redundancy is the reason for moving on. This support can make the transition to a new job a lot easier and stress free.

But how do you know that you are getting the best deal?

Firstly, talk to your company (HR Dept or Line Manager). If they are providing the support via an external Outplacement Company, they will be able to give you details of the level of support being offered. They will also pay the cost direct to the Outplacement Company. However, don’t immediately accept this support without checking out what other Outplacement Companies are offering in the way of support. It may be that another provider is more suitable to your needs. If so, ask your employer to consider the alternative provider. Ask around and see if any of your friends or colleagues can recommend a provider. Once you identify two or three, visit and discuss your needs with what they can provide. Make sure that the Outplacement Company follows a recognised Code of Conduct such as that of the CIPD. Make sure that the consultant(s) are fully trained and competent. Outplacement support is all about people, not the pleasant offices, technology or glossy brochures. A reputable outplacement company such as The Career Management Organisation Ltd (TCMO), will offer at least two, free no obligation meetings to assess your needs and prepare a personalised proposal. TCMO will also invite you to meet their team before you commit. You must have trust and belief in what they can do for you at this stage in your career transition. Take time to make a considered decision. Compare your precise needs to what is proposed and make sure that the costs, location, time constraints and content meet your requirements. This represents an investment in your career and support from a professional team of career managers can prove invaluable at this point of career transition.

It may be that you will fund the Outplacement Support yourself if your company is unwilling to do so. If so, ask them to process the payment for you in order that you may recover the vat element of the cost either through your final salary or other means.

The best deal in Outplacement Support equates to what you require at this time of Career Transition. Compare two or thee companies before deciding and if your preference is not the one put forward by your company, ask them to consider the alternative. It is essential that you capitalise on this opportunity if support is offered by your employer. It may lead to a new challenge, a change of career direction, setting up your own business but also an opportunity to look at your work / life balance.

Industry statistics suggest that effective Outplacement support, such as that provided by TCMO, is proven to reduce the time it takes to settle into a new position by 60%. That must rank as the best deal in Outplacement support! Call 0800 009 3141 to find out.


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