Dealing with redundancy

It’s a difficult time, no question about it. Even for those lucky few people who are well-prepared or even welcome it, redundancy can be distressing. We can help you shift your focus away from what’s already happened and look towards what’s next.

Initially, we’ll help you assess your career, understand your options and identify your goals. We can even guide you through a Psychometric Profiling system, offering an insight into your personality, cognitive, attitude and engagement styles – all of which can help provide a pointer to what should come next in your career.

Then we’ll offer practical assistance for preparing and planning the next steps, from getting a CV right and understanding what makes a successful interview, to the actual business of searching for jobs and approaching potential employers.

The old cliché is that being made redundant from your job can be a great opportunity. It rarely feels that way at the time. But the reality is that with the personal approach and professional coaching TCMO offers, you can turn a difficult situation into a positive change for you career.

We offer a range of different career coaching programmes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your goals and your budget – from the comprehensive Career Management Programme to the Career Accelerator Programme and the Right for the Job Programme.

If you’re not sure which one would suit you best, just get in touch and ask.

“I had not had to look for a job in over 30 years so when I knew that I was being made redundant I engaged the services of TCMO. The whole process was tailored to what I needed and the approach was very interesting. I cannot speak highly enough about them.”

Chris Wiltcher

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