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Employers will always adapt and evolve, seeking out improvements at every opportunity. When that means organisational change and you’re thrust into an internal job market, it can seem that your career goals have to take a back seat to short term needs. With our support, we can help you find the common ground between long term ambition and short term circumstances.

Succeeding in an organisation that’s changing all around you will take professional agility. You need to adapt too. With one-to-one support, we’ll help you assess your current position and explore the routes ahead. We’ll give you practical advice on how to prepare for the next role, but we’ll also help you recognise the opportunities in your situation.

Rather than simply jumping from one uncomfortable situation to another, your next step can be part of a larger career plan. Redeployment may present a few challenges, but the insight and experience we offer can help you make this a better change for your career.

The fact is that the experience of redeployment can differ widely from one person to person, depending on their role, personal circumstance or career level. So our service is tailored to suit – drawing on elements from every aspect of what we do. You can read about how we approach redeployment in our Scottish Water Case Study.

We offer a range of different career coaching programmes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your goals and your budget – from the comprehensive Career Management Programme to the Career Accelerator Programme and the Right for the Job Programme.

If you’d like to know more about how career coaching can help you, please just get in touch.

“TCMO helped increase my confidence and raise my game when I most needed to. And they are still there to support me if I need them”

J Trousdale

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