Life after military service

After the all-encompassing world of military service, the idea of a civilian career can seem alien, with less structure and more uncertainty. The first – and perhaps the greatest – challenge lies in recognising that talent developed serving your country can be of huge value in building a new career. It’s all a matter of context and perspective. And with vast experience, we can help you see the possibilities ahead.

As such, our support initially focuses on assessment – identifying those transferrable skills and making an objective assessment of your options. Building on what you’ve done with the Career Transition Partnership, we can explore what you need to do to achieve your goals, whether learning new abilities, developing a network of contacts or promoting yourself more effectively.

It’s a personal service, that’s completely confidential and totally tailored to your needs and ambitions. We’re here for the long term if you need us, not just for the first step out of the military, but for the steps that come afterwards too – ensuring you enjoy a successful career in the civilian world.

We offer a range of different career coaching programmes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your goals and your budget – from the comprehensive Career Management Programme to the Career Accelerator Programme and the Right for the Job Programme.

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you, just get in touch and ask.

“If you are at a crossroads, I would absolutely recommend you contact the team at TCMO.”

Lynn Anderson

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