Develop the personal skills to develop your career

Many people approach career progression in terms of responsibilities or knowledge, looking to learn new skills or study new subjects. But it’s the social behaviours and personal characteristics that can drive personal development – setting the successful apart from the rest.

Understanding others, communicating effectively and being aware of your own emotions can help you inspire others, make sound decisions and manage change. Above all, these are the kind of attributes that pave the way to professional progression and achievement.

Our Personal Development Programme is designed to help you develop these tools. With the guidance of one of our expert coaches, the programme offers a framework for you to analyse your approach and behaviours, identify areas for change and improvement, and chart a path for your development.

Each programme is unique to the individual, tailored to your needs and career ambitions. And while it’s a result-focused process with set goals to reach, you’ll have the ongoing support of your coach. Together, we can build a strong platform for the career you want to achieve.

What’s involved

  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling and Feedback session
  • Identify behaviours to develop
  • Set goals and support change
  • Recognising, understanding and empathising with emotions
  • Develop self-awareness, social competence and communication skills

How it works

  • Delivered over 6 sessions
  • Coaching delivered on a one-to-one basis using established coaching techniques, in a comfortable but challenging environment.

Let’s get started

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